Thursday, December 8, 2016

{tracey family: christmas}

New house and new baby called for new pictures! Shannon, your house is adorable and might be my favorite new location for photos...just sayin'... :D

Then of course there are the bajillion that were more like these two below...HA!

Yes, exactly! Hahaha! :D 


Monday, October 31, 2016

{little man turns 5}

Little Man is very into cowboys right now and since I was just in the land of cowboys last week, I knew I had to bring something back for him to go with the hat and rope I knew he was getting for his birthday.  Add a "cowboy shirt", red bandana, sherrif's badge, and a real cowboy belt and he was good to go! :) 

Of course we had to get one with all the brothers in it (except for the oldest who as at school)...and I might have taken 25 of these but look! - all eyes on the camera and everyone is smiling?!  This never happens!  lol  :)

"Kiki, sometimes cowboys put one of their feet up like this..."


Thursday, May 19, 2016

little miss sunshine turns 13

So I had seen a picture on Pinterest that was one of the first ones I ever pinned...and I knew I had to do a photo shoot similar to it sometime and LMS's 13th birthday seemed like the perfect chance, so a few weeks ago, I got to have my kids for the day and we got nails done, let LMS have a mini makeover, find a cute dress...although we ended up using her jeans more...found jewelry for both her and LMG and a cool shirt for Mr. Happy and then headed back to my house... play in 5lbs of glitter!!  :D

It was so much fun and my house will never be the same again! Lol!  It was so worth it though!

So, in the spirit of keeping things's a glimpse behind the pretty smiles as to what really goes on with these three...and usually with LMG...  ;)  I saw this meme and cracked up laughing and had to put the two following pics together ha! 

Yep. That pretty much sums it up! :D

Ohmystars.  I've always said he's gonna be a heartbreaker!! 

More behind the scene fun with this pic...they had me cracking up again...  There was squishing, piling, pyramid attempts...  :}



LMS, you are so beautiful both inside and out and I love you to pieces...easily enough to spill glitter allllll over my house!  :D


Saturday, November 14, 2015

{the boys: fall pics}

The boys are very much into "favorite colors" these days so everyone has on their favorite color shirts. Well, except baby bear.  We're not quite sure yet what his favorite color is, but he just thought his bowtie was pretty cool and didn't mind what shirt he was wearing.  :)

These two are best friends.  
All the brothers are good friends...but there's something extra between these two. :)

Now, before you go thinking that these pics were easy to get...I promise you I have about five times as many "blooper" pics than these pics! lol  Here is a sampling below of how this shoot *really* went...

During most of these you could hear me saying,
"Ok boys, look at Kiki!"
"Look at Kiki!"
"Hey! I'm over here sillies!!"
"No, not that smile! Hahaha!"
"Oh brother lol." 

Like a friend recently commented on taking pics of her's a lot like herding cats! lol! But it's a lot of fun!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

{emily: sr pics}

Somehow, this adorable, sweet, funny little girl has grown up in the blink of an eye and is a beautiful senior in highschool!  I am still in denial about this fact until I remember that if she goes to college next year where her sister is, she will be much closer to me and can come "home" to my house on any weekend she needs to get away...and then I'm more ok with her graduating.  :D 

A few weeks ago I got to do some photos of her up in the mountains and after the delay of a couple computer are a few sneak peeks.  :)

*my favorite* :) 

Love you, Em!  Can't wait to watch and see what God has in store for your life!  :)