Sunday, May 6, 2018

{clayton & autumn: proposal!}

Yesterday I had the privilege of doing my fourth photo shoot in one week! Each session I do is special in it's own way - graduations, new babies, best friends, families...and this one was no exception.  

I met Clayton on his first day working at the coffee shop - this tall, handsome guy with the happiest smile EVER. 😀  Since then, it has been my absolute joy to get to work with him (we won't mention the fact that this is his last week working at said coffee shop....I don't wanna get tears on my laptop....!).  He is a hard worker, is completely genuine, and he loves people so so very well.  He is always quick to ask me how I'm doing - and I know he really wants to know - both the good and the bad.  He is always so quick to point me to Christ in everything. Has prayed over me more than once. And always, always has a bear hug ready for me! 

His heart was captured by the sweetest girl and it has been so fun to get to know her just a little bit (we should work on this, Autumn...!).  It was a couple months ago that Clayton and I were working behind the bar and he mentioned he was thinking about the timing of proposing to Autumn and we talked most of the rest of that shift about his ideas...all of which I approved of!

I have prayed for wisdom for him in knowing just how and when to pop the question ;) and last night was it! I was so thrilled to get to be there and take photos.  Autumn was completely caught off guard and surprised and well...enough of me talking...enjoy the photos!  :)

Friends, family, sunflowers, and one cat :) lined the walkway to a special spot...and waited for the big moment.

(She said yes!)

Congratulations you two!! I could not be more excited for you! Thank you again for the privilege of being there on your special day!  I so loved meeting both of your families - they are all precious! 

Autumn, I look forward to getting to know you even better...White Russians at my house still need to happen - and of course Chuy's anytime! 

Clayton, I absolutely adore you. You have become a trusted friend and I'm so thankful God brought you to TEC. 
Love you,
Katie 😉

Friday, May 4, 2018

{abby & kirsten: bffs}

 Part 2 of this week's photo session!  Kirsten came up to surprise me and hang out with Abby. They have been bffs since forever.  They were my campers at camp for years...(insert flashback music...🎶)

So many fun memories of them together!!

I asked them to tell me their earliest memories of each other...which brought a lot of laughs as they thought back to when they were both little.  :) So fun to listen to them reminisce. 

 Also, Kirsten has some great facial expressions...!  😄

Abby is like me in that she's not always exactly a huggy person... 😂

But when it's your best friend, you have to be ok with it sometimes. 😀

Oh my heart! 💜 I still see little them when I look at this picture. I was having to make myself not tear up when going through all these!  

Girls, you were so much fun when you were little...and you're a whole new kind of fun now! 

Kirsy, you are such a bright ray of sunshine and I most definitely needed some you in my life this week! You and Abby balance each other's personalities which makes the best combination. 😊  Thanks for the awesome conversations this week...I can't wait to see where you are a year from now...!! 😉😘

{abby: senior pics}

I'm not sure how much more my heart can take this week of little people growing up and graduating!!

 These two tiny girlies {my nieces} visited my dorm room when I was in college...the same college they both go to now - and Abby, the one next to me, graduates tomorrow!  😱  

She asked to come hang out with me for a couple days this week and requested some senior pictures. So ya go...! 😉

Abby, I am so stinking proud of you. I love you absolutely to pieces. And I can't wait to see what God has in store for you.  My Africa room is always open - come see me anytime!  💜💜💜

There was another aspect to this week as well...and there will be a second post coming up shortly...!  😉